Welcome to my blog where I hope to bring you some interesting information about investing and other finance related topics as well as the occasional wander into unrelated areas.

There’s always a lot happening in the world of finance however, no matter the economic and market conditions, the rules of investing remain unchanged. The rule of ‘risk versus reward’ and the laws of ‘supply and demand’ underpin all investment decisions – always have and always will.

In late 2012 Australian investors are faced with the prospect of further decreases in interest rates and fickle consumer confidence which will likely be reflected in business confidence. The challenge facing all investors in such an environment is: “How do I make a ‘real’ return (return after deducting inflation) in this environment?”  And for those retired or about to retire: “How can I generate enough income in these conditions?”

So in my blog I’ll do my best to make sense of what’s going on and what the most important issues are for investors.